• Over 80 public evangelistic outreaches brought the three angels messages' to neighbors, friends and communities.
  • Hmong Evangelistic series represents the first-of-its-kind in the North American Division.
  • Bridges: Bay Area for Jesus initiative continues launching a variety of ministries and events while adding value to its residents and communities.
  • GLOW reaches 38 million tracts in print; Youth Rush visits nearly half a million homes.
  • Cross Training Bible Work program takes off.
  • Elijah's Mission trains youth to organize outreach activities and give Bible studies in their communities.
  • InDiscipleship unites generations for Jesus.
  • Eight-hundred fifty new members joined the Adventist church.

Full Message Public Evangelism

Reasons for the Local Church Sponsored Public Seminar: 

1.  It is still the most productive way of sharing our message with the public

2.  It plants seeds as effectively as it harvests them

3.  It brings to decision those who have been expressing a casual interest for some time

4.  It involves many church members in soul winning who do not have the gifts of preaching or teaching

5.  It strengthens the faith and Biblical maturity of the church


Reasons for Conducting a Local Church Sponsored Public Seminar Annually:

1.  Every year there is a new field of receptive people in the community and on the fringes of the church community

2.  Receptivity is not a permanent state and those who are not harvested when they are ready may not be as easily reached at a later date

3.  Church young people reach an ideal time for harvest, some each year

4.  The annual campaign gives focus and purpose to the church

5.  The annual cycle is God’s own cycle of planting and harvesting (in nature). It is probable that Jesus used the agricultural model so frequently in his teaching about evangelism in part to show us the ideal cycle of soul-winning

6.  The church needs a spiritual revival annually, and nothing supports revival more than evangelism


A Philosophy of Soul Winning:

1.  Only God through the Holy Spirit can win a soul

2.  Even the initial interest in Spiritual things is awakened by God not man

3.  Only the Holy Spirit can persuade a person to accept and be committed to any doctrine

4.  At any given time a certain number of people under the influence of the church are rendered susceptible to the truth through the wooing of the Holy Spirit

5.  The human part is five-fold:

a. To befriend (prayerfully)

b. To invite (prayerfully)

c. To share the truth (prayerfully)

d. To enquire about Spirit prompted decisions (prayerfully)

e. To love through maturation (prayerfully)

   6.  All the results must be entirely left to the Lord through earnest prayer

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