Funds for evangelism come from three sources:

1. North American Division – $150,000 each year

2. Individuals, family and estate gifts

3. Camp Meeting Evangelism Offering

The annual Camp Meeting Evangelism Offering of gifts and pledges comes from hundreds and hundreds of people. “Every dollar of this offering is a sacred gift,” says President Ramiro Cano. The offering exceeded $1 million for the 10th year in 2013.

It's a  journey of prayer... and faith.

In 1997 one individual, then another and then another began asking God to give His people in Central a prayer miracle – a token that would convince people of the power of united prayer in every area of their lives. In time, these faithful members discovered each other and the small prayer group began to grow.     

To everyone’s surprise, God chose the Camp Meeting Evangelism Offering and began impressing the growing prayer band of members to pray for the offering to go higher than anyone could dream possible. 

Today, an ever-growing number of members pray in agreement throughout each year asking Jesus, “What is Your plan, Your will to further Your work?”

“We ask God what is on His heart, what He wants,” explains Joyce Mulligan, prayer ministries director. Local church member Ed Walker, who volunteers as a prayer team member during camp meeting, says his understanding of the purpose of prayer has completely changed. “It is through the power of prayer and the Holy Scriptures that we are changed, and that change is what affects our actions.”

Learning to hear His voice is an essential part of this journey. Following the Holy Spirit’s leading, individuals and families follow God’s will regarding their involvement in each year’s offering.

Some of the most stirring testimonies are from those who trusted God, stepped out in faith, and experienced the impossible through God’s miraculous power!